Thomas Meixner

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How to get in touch with me:
Email address:
Work Address: Rm. 202 Harshbarger Building,
                              University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 85721
Work Phone Number:  (520)626-1532
Fax. Number:  (520)621-1422 

Research Interests
My research interest lies at the intersection of hydrology and biogeochemistry. In particular I am interested in how hydrologic processes play a fundamental role in controlling biogeochemical processes and fluxes at the catchment scale. My research group spans from field investigations designed to understand these controls at a mechanistic and process level to modelling studies focused on forecasting biogeochemical and water quality conditions at the catchment to basin scale. In particular on the modelling side my group works on developing model calibration and uncertainty techniques that can coexist with the both multi-dimensional and yet sparse data that is typically available for water quality modelling at the basin to catchment scale. My work has spanned environments as diverse as desert scrub and alpine ecosystems and from scales of single soil profiles to 10,000 square kilometer catchments.  


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