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Current Students

Ravindra Dwivedi:  is focused on developing a better understanding of the mountain-block recharge processes and their dynamic influence on spring flows in semi-arid and arid environment, especially under the projected pattern and seasonality of future precipitation events.

Andres Sanchez - (MS) Andres is working on understanding the spatial and temporal patterns of water contribution to the Jemez RIver in terms of the relative contribution of headwater catchment streamflow production and water sourced to the river from deep geological fault controlled systems.

Rewati Niraula (PhD) Working on understanding how model calibration of water quality models influences projections of the impact of climate and land use change on water quanitity and quality.

Carlos Soto (PhD) Working on understanding influence of surface groundwater interaction on water quality in arid and semi-arid river systems.


Former Students

Hadi Allafta (MS-HWR)  worked  on arid and semi-arid hydrology as impacted by climate change and land use change.

Philip Calabrese (BS-HWR)  Worked on  Outstanding Arizona Water application for Montezuma's well in coordination with Sonoran Desert Network.

Navid Dejwakh - (MS-HWR)  Worked on nitrate isotopes for his thesis work. Now a hydrologic consultant in sub-sahran Africa.

Jessica Driscoll (PhD) Working on using geochemical models to better determine the structure of hydrologic flowpaths in seasonally snow covered basins.Meggie Erickson (BS- Math) Working on statistical and model analysis of wet and dry mapping data for the San Pedro River.

Melanie Lindsey (MS)  Worked on designing sampling regimes for water quality monitoring in the National Parks of the Sonoran Desert Network.

Iman Mallakpour  (MS) Worked  on developing seasonal groundwater model of San Pedro basin and linking to simple surface groundwater model of Simpson et al (2009).

Kirstin Neff- (PhD)  Working on understanding how seasonality of precipitation across the Basin and Range Province of the Western United States interacts with the land surface to create the observed rates of total and seasonal fractions of recharge.

Hillary Nicholas (MS) Working on understanding processes and climatic conditions that influence infiltration in arid and semi-arid ephemeral and intermittent streams.

Scott Simpson (PhD) Worked on understanding importance of seasonal flooding to water quanitity and sustainability of arid and semi-arid groundwater systems.  Now a consultant with Tetra-Tech.